Cabaret Stage Shows

Hula hoop dance performances are great for cabaret, variety and stage shows. Iris multi hoop routines are fun, bouncy and full of life.

Iris is a highly experienced professional hula hoop performer, who never breaks a smile.  

Iris is a versatile performer who can alter her hoop shows to accommodate any occasion or event.   Her hula hoop performances have been well received at family and corporate events.

Disco Hoop Show

Halula Funk (aka Iris West), brings you her multi hoop show, to the tune of Disco Inferno. This dazzling disco diva, will be sure to make you feel the heat.


Tropical Hula Hoop Show

Iris West hula-hoop routine is fun and full of colour.  Inspired by the 1950’s pin up Carmen Miranda, this tropical themed hula-hoop show is going to have audiences fully entertained.  This stylishly choreographed multi hoop piece has been well received at various circus and dance shows and cabarets across the UK.