Buy One Get One Half Price- Hula Hoop Dance Workshop


Buy One Get One Half Price- Hula Hoop Dance Workshop


This booking page is for people who want to get the buy one get one half price offer.  When you book please put your first name  then a '+' then the second name.   Details about the workshop are below.

Hula Hoop Dance Workshop

28 April 2018, 01.30 – 03.30pm at Dance Space, The Island,

In this workshop you will learn fancy on and off body tricks, core hula hooping techniques and a funky dance group routine. We will cover a wide range of skills. This workshop is suitable for anyone who is a beginner or wants to improve their hooping skills.

We are also going to learn a cool hula hoop dance routine to......
1970's disco classic, Blame it On the Boogie, by Jacko.
So all the disco Divas and dancing Davids out there better get ready.

Hoops will be provided.

Venue address:
The Dance Space
The Island, 1st Floor
Bridewell Street, 1st floor

Any questions please message me or call on 07544436587.

instagram: iriswestcircusperformer
Facebook: Hula hoop classes, in Bristol, with Iris
Happy Hooping everybody:)


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