Walkabout Acts and Stilt Walking

Walkabout and stilt acts can be catered for any occasion. The bright, colourful acts are great for family and daytime occasions. The wonderfully weird Circus Freaks act gives a twist to club and other night time events.  Iris can addapt her walkabout acts for any themed event. 


Circus Freaks

Inspired by golden age of European freak shows, this is a modern take on Victorian conjoined twins in the circus. The harlequin themed act can be both floor based or performed on stilts and is perfect to give any event a traditional circus twist. 






Winter Wonderland

This winter wonderland stilts act is perfect for festive occasions.   This all in white stilt costume has a classic 1920’s edge, a great way to bring some sparkle and class to any event.   This bespoke act can be tailored to any occasion, its perfect on stilts or as a ground based walkabout act, Iris West hula hoop show can be included as part of the emmersive show or stage performance.