Iris West is a qualified childcare worker, who has been running children’s workshops for the since 2008.  Her hula hoop classes are run on a regular bases in Bristol.  The circus workshops contain a short show, skill classes and games.  

Classes are now available for children of all ages, after school clubs and holiday programs, private classes and kids parties. 








Bristol Hula Hoop Class - Easton


Adults Hula Hoop Classes in Easton, Bristol.  Every Monday from 7:30 to 8:30pm,  £40 for a block of 6 classes.




Birthday Parites

Iris West hula hooping birthday parties, are enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities.   Hoop tricks on and off the body, like a real circus performer. 

Hooping is not only great exercise, but encourages children to be active, express themselves and builds confidence in their abilities.    These hoop parties are flexible, so can be tailored to any celebration or event.

Parities contain:  

 Warm up games
 Hula hoop tricks
 An entertaining hoop demonstration and show
 Free play with the hoops
 More tricks and a short hoop routine
 Fun cool down and stretch

The birthday girl or boy receives a hula hoop present at the end.  

These parties are available for large and small groups of children, of any age and ability.  Parties usually last about 1hour to 1/12 hours.  Prices will variety according to size of group and cost of venue hire.  Discounts are available to low income parents.  





Children's Hoop Workshop